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:Mushrooms (Fungi)
:Basidienpilze (Basidiomycetes)
:Stand mushrooms (Basidiomycetes)
:Hat mushrooms (Agaricomycetidae)
Scientific name
Families (selection)
  • Ear-spoon-mushroom-well-behaved (Auriscalpiaceae)
  • Layer-mushroom-well-behaved (Stereaceae)
  • Prick-beard-well-behaved (Hericiaceae)
  • (Russulaceae)
  • Wollstammartige (Lachnocladiaceae)

With it acts around a group of mushrooms, whose lamellas are fragile and brittle. This order dominated of the two kinds and Milchlinge from the family of the which form in terms of figures the by far largest groups and possess also the characteristic inflexibly breaking organs.

But not all have also fragile lamellas, e.g. the because its lamellas are less brittle than rather flexible and speckig. The (Auriscalpium vulgare) ranks among (unsystematical) the group of the prick mushrooms, since it possesses instead of lamellas a stacheliges Hymenophor. The prick-beard-well-behaved seem to even only consist of pricks. The layer-mushroom-well-behaved (Stereaceae) again possess neither lamellas, nor tubes, still pricks separate grow often (= resupinat) on their nutritive substance. The smooth fruit layer fabric is usually on the lower surface. They apply within the order of the as a particularly original family.

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