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Sprinkler is a over term for sprinkler systems.

They are used for automatic spray irrigation in the range of the agriculture and the garden and landscape conservation.

As a technical aid to the lawn care Sprinkler also lawn sprinklers are called. Sprinkler equal which kind are usually propelled with the pressure of the flowing through water.


In order to maintain larger surfaces, Schwinghebelregner or Versenkgetriebregner are typical in the professional range.

Schwinghebelregner are usually set up on a stand mobile Regner and. They are equipped with two nozzles. A nozzle throws the water, the second nozzle draws up a feather/spring. This snaps back then and changes the Wurfrichtung of the Regners.

Getrieberegner are usually so-called Pop ups or Versenkregner, i.e. come pressure on the line, then the Regner drives out for the Regnerkopf from the soil. The water pressure propels a transmission, so that the Regner rotates. Getrieberegner are a component of a sprinkler system, i.e. a remote controlled single solenoid valve lets water through for the Regner.

Both Sprinklerarten can be adjusted in such a way that only certain angles (sectors) are beregnet.

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