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The spraying coining/shaping is a modified injection moulding. The plastic melt is injected as so-called mass cake into that practically pressure-free, not completely closed tools. Under the effect after injecting developing of the closing pressure the shaped part is finally formed out. With a variant the cavity can be filled completely. The rising internal pressure opens the tool around a controlled small way. Pressure is exerted by raising of the closing force on the molding material and a relatively tension-poor shaped part is formed out. This variant is used with the production of data media from polycarbonate (PC) (CD, DVD). The spraying coining/shaping is used with thermoplastics and with thermosetting polymers. With thermosetting polymers one removes volatile components, e.g. air or water vapour, which develop from the humidity of the molding material and the reaction water during the hardening by precipitation beginning in the tool. The final compression of the duroplastischen molding material is here particularly favourable regarding the quality. Can one sprayingcoins/shapes on machines of all designs. The work routine on the closing side on machines with fully hydraulic closing system can particularly simple be steered. The work routine is programmable and can be adapted also during thermosetting polymer processing well on the process of transformation of the molding material to the shaped part and the respective hardening characteristic. Fiber orientation arising with the spraying casting process with fiber-reinforced molding materials is partly waived when spraying coining/shaping. Sprayingcoin/shape supply with all plastics shaped parts with very good surface and small mechanical anisotropy.

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