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With one turns occupied spindle or roller at a being certain Gegenmesser with measurers past. According to the shears principle thereby the blade of grass is only seized and cut off then. There are 5 - 12 sheets spindles depending upon cutting surface. Golfgreens e.g. will not be frayed with 10 - 12 sheets spindles cut on a height of approx. 2-5 mm and a mowing frequency of 140 - 200 cuts per Meter.Der cut resulted from it are so exactly that the blades of grass, but be smoothly cut. This prevents a draining of the grasses and Grasspitzen.Deshalb gives it to today no more careful method, in order to cut lawns. are used particularly on golf courses, sports fields and park plants. There are however also devices for the domestic purposes. Hand-operated one (mechanical as well as engine-claimant mowers up to a kerf width of 76 cm.

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