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A sow dog belongs to the group of the hunting dogs. Hunting dogs are divided in groups, to those also the managing dogs (German, English and Hungarian), the the welding dogs, which belong earth dogs and the Bracken.

Name specialization

Apart from the hunting dog grouping there is a set of names for hunting dogs, which show a specialization, which is however race-conditioned, compare list of the dog races. Under this specialization the sow dog falls. Further such designations stand e.g. for water dogs or chicken dogs.


Sow dogs were used with the wild pig hunt. While Frischlinge and defectors were simple booty, the hunt for an attained full growth Keiler represented a courage sample. A hurt Bache or a provoked Keiler attacks also humans and in particular the male animals is able with her long humans fatal injuries to attach. It quite applied therefore as royal courage sample to go only with Saufeder in such a way specified - a short Speer - on wild pig hunt. The successful hunt of Karl of the large one for a Keiler accordingly also appreciated in the pc. Galler handwriting Carolus Magnus et dad Leo from the year 799.

The sow dog in history and art

As countless paintings and work art-relating to crafts show, the Schweinehatz with horse and hunting dogs was the usual hunt way. At the court 17 became at the beginning. Century of 900 large hunting dogs held, with which one went on wild pig hunt. The valuable dogs, which one called also "sow dogs" or "sow packman", were protected from the attacks of the wild pigs with broad collars and every now and then even tank shirts. Task of the dogs was it to rush wild pig so long to it fatigued and it then to a place to hold, until the hunter killed it from close distance. With this Sauhatzen humans, horses and dogs by attacking wild pigs heavily and every now and then deadly were often hurt.

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