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The Soviet control commission (SKK) was a monitoring and an institution for line of crew power over the guidance of the German Democratic Republic. It existed from 10 October 1949 up to 28. May 1953.

Their authentication justifies itself in the agreements, which winner powers in the conference of potsdam (17 July - 2 August 1945) made. Afterwards the military government should transfer their tasks after a transition period formally to administrative organs German to screen end. It replaced "the Soviet military administration in Germany (SMAD) ", which before exercised the exclusive administrative force in the Soviet zone of occupation. By the establishment on 7 October 1949 the conditions were given the German Democratic Republic to replace the military government.

The meant however under no circumstances that the government of the GDR could decide independently. The Soviet control commission could take influence at any time. It could give decisions which can be made or revise met decisions. It controlled both the government of the GDR and the land governments.

As boss of the SKK the Commander-in-Chief of the Soviet troops in Germany, army general Wassilij Ith Tschuikow is used. The SKK is the execution agreements met to "the conference of potsdam the ", and the other allied resolutions in the GDR to supervise. In addition it had to represent the interests of the USSR in the GDR. But it supports also the SED in its measures against internal and outside political opponents.

After the death of Josef Stalin ("† 5. March 1953) becomes the SKK to 28. May 1953 converted into "the high commission of the USSR into Germany ". The past political advisor general Tschuikows, Vladimir S. Semjonow, is appointed the high commissioner.

The USSR confirms the full sovereignty of the GDR on 20 September 1955. The office of the Soviet High Commissioner is waived and an assistance contract with the GDR is locked.

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