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Southwark is an underground station London Underground in the urban district London Borough OF Southwark. It is in the Travelcard Tarifzone 1, because of the crossing of Blackfriars Road and The CUT. Here courses of the Jubilee LINE hold; there is a direct connection to the station Waterloo East. Objects of interest in the proximity are the Globe Theatre and would do a decaying. The historical center of Southwark is not here, but far southeast with the station Borough.

The station was opened on 24 September 1999. Contrary to most other stations at the eastern extension of the Jubilee LINE here enough place was missing, in order to set on a large scale architectural yardsticks. The entrance building is rather flat; in the future it is to be supplemented to an office building. Beyond that the station had to be built for a viktorianischen railway viaduct under and over. This required the building of two resounding on different levels.

First which was because of the surface resounds forms the principal item of the station. By 15.95 meters the glass roof lain highly falls daylight, which illuminates also the lower level. On a side is a 39.9 meters long Glaswand, in which 660 artful polished blue pieces of glass are let in, which were created by the artist Alexander Beleschenko. The Glaswand was praised by considerable architecture critics and received several prices.

From this resounds out lead roar-like escalator pits down to second resounds, which is on the height of the platforms. At both ends stand two "buoys" resound from glass and steel. The walls consist of stainless steel, which one did not polish intentionally on high polish.

According to the responsible person architect Richard MacCormac the Design is to decrease/go back to drafts of Karl Friedrich Schinkel, one of the most important Prussian architects 19. Century.

As in the remaining in the year 1999 opened stations of the Jubilee LINE extension also the platforms are in Westminster by a Glaswand separate from the tracks. The doors attached in regular intervals in the wall (platform screen doors) open synchronously to the doors of the railroad cars. Apart from the improvement of the Luftzirkulation by it also a increased security of the passengers is to be achieved.

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