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The South American community of states (Spanish Comunidad Sudamericana de Naciones, Portuguese Comunidade Sul Americana de , briefly CSN) is a loose state group, to which 12 states of South America belong. Also over 380 million inhabitants the union is after the European Union and the NAFTA in the future the third biggest international land community to form. During the establishment the Peruvian minister of foreign affairs Manuel Cuadros was selected to the Secretary-General on time.

Member states

The explanation of Cuzco was signed by all twelve independent states of South America: The members and close A SHANk (Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela), the members of the Mercosur (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay) and other States of, those none of the two communities mentioned belonged before (Chile, Guyana Suriname

Guyana and Suriname will join the community not immediately. They are at present members of the Caribbean community. It is unclear, as the simultaneous memberships in two communities are to be agreed upon with one another.


In the establishment document it, a goal of the agreement means is the fight against "inequality, social Ausgrenzung, hunger, poverty and uncertainty".

Up to the year 2025 one is to be achieved the European union comparable integration. Are planned common currency, parliament and passports.

The first concrete project is the building 1,200 kilometers is enough for road connection of the Atlantic coast of Brazil up to the Pacific in Peru to be.


Already before the establishment of the community there were South American integration efforts. The former Brazilian president Fernando Henrique Cardoso had tried to bring the countries of the continent to a table thereby had however failed.

On 16 December 2003 the member countries of Mercosur and and pact signed an agreement over a common foreign trade zone.

The establishment of the community of states took place on the third South American summit (8 December 2004, in the Peruvian Cuzco). There the presidents or representative of twelve South American states signed the explanation of Cuzco to co-ordinate a bilateral explanation, in which they committed themselves, their politics and the trade liberalisieren. The contracts of the Mercosur already existing and and pact are to be merged into a large foreign trade zone.

The South American community of states was based to 180. Anniversary of the battle with Ayacucho, which had sealed 1824 the end of Spanish colonial rule.

Driving Kraft with the integration was the venezolanische head of state Hugo which sees itself in direct follow-up of the liberty hero Bol­var. The moreover one also of Brazil supports president Lula there Silva the concept, while the Chile of the combination aligned to global free trade faces extremely sceptically.

It is quite possible that the union changes its name in the future again. For a long time for example also the name "United States of South America" was available.

Characteristic numbers

In the member states of the South American community of states live 371 million inhabitant on a surface of 17 million square kilometers (with exception of the British colonies on the Falklandinseln and and the southern sand yielding islands as well as French Guayana the entire South American continent).

Economic CommunityCSNEuropean UnionNAFTA
Inhabitant:367 million456 million431 million
Member states:12253
Surface (km 17,715,3353,977,48721,588,638
Gross domestic product (GROS DOMESTIC PRODUCT, $):2,63 trillion11,06 trillion12,88 trillion
Foreign debts ($):315 billion


Apart from a Secretary-General Cuadros, Peruvian minister of foreign affairs) the union has so far neither over own organs nor authority. Momentarily it is considered as improbable that medium-term on an intergovernmental co-operation similarly the European union is to be counted, since it lacks some countries at present still very strongly integration will. The past South American state States of Mercosur and and pact suffer for many years at a missing readiness of their members to surrender extensive authority to the two supranational alliances.


We become witnesses of a historical event, with which the dream of the Befreiers Bol­var begins to become after 180 years reality. Today we create a new country with 361 million inhabitants. - Alejandro Toledo Manrique, president of Peru, 8 December 2004

With the establishment of a community of states a step was made in the correct direction, in order to carry out the dream from and our Befreiern to. - Hugo president of Venezuela, 8 December 2004

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