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Sound-sneeze meat work is the abbreviation for the B. & C. sound-sneeze meat work GmbH & CO. Kg in Rheda The enterprise belonged to the largest battle enterprises in Germany and it is active also in the meat processing.

Firm data

The enterprises of the company are distributed on different locations and subsidiaries. Production locations in Rheda Herzebrock Clarholz, white rock (Saxonia-Anhalt) and Brandenburg exist to the Havel. The enterprises in white rock and Rheda possess permissions for the European Union area and Japan. The enterprise in Rheda fulfills beyond that the hygiene regulations for South Africa.

In the enterprises of the sounding sneezing companies in the year 2004 over 8 million pigs were slaughtered. Thus the company is during the pig slaughtering in Germany because of the point. The annual turnover in the appropriate period amounted to 2.3 billion euro. With sound-sneeze manufactured meat products under the label names Tillman's and land hall in of Aldi and Lidl in addition, in REWE business are driven out.

In the enterprises of the company only approx. 7% own employees work according to data of the trade union NGG. The extraneous staff consists about 60% of Eastern European employees (data: NGG).


The company went out of a small meat-rub-rubbed in formerly the independent Rheda coined/shaped traditionally by the meat industry out. In the year 1971 a reestablishment of the enterprise took place as wholesale for meat and sausage via Bernd sound-sneezes.

Because of the rapid expansion and the close location situation in Rheda the company yielded 1975 into the neighbouring heart-breaks into out. With approx. 60 coworkers since 1977 at the new location one produced, until the necessity resulted also here to structural extensions. In the meantime of the brothers Bernd and Clemens sound-sneeze led enterprises should to the will of the two brothers to its hometown return.

In the course of the 1980er years concretized themselves the plans for a largefull-scale new building of the enterprise on the green meadow. The planerische conversion took place via the Austrian architect's office Achamer Tritthart + partner, Innsbruck. In the year 1992 the new division enterprise with 400 jobs at the new location could be taken in enterprise.

The enterprise was supplemented by the 1997 battle enterprise finished placed and forms since then a modern production unit with 1950 coworkers (inside) and a considered manufacturing area of 50.000 m (firm names to the conditions 2000). In the year 2001 the sales department finished placed (meat stock exchange) is to ensure short ways and information on all lines of the enterprise.

The expansion of the enterprise is prepared at present by creation of further battle capacities (cattle slaughtering).

Public commitment

Since 1994 firm founder Bernd engaged itself sound-sneezes for the federal league traditional association Schalke 04. Selected in a hopeless situation of the association with approx. 15 million DM of debts and without functional line Bernd sound-sneeze on 7 February 1994 on the annual general meeting with overwhelming majority to the new chairman of the board. So that its choice was at all possible after articles of association, under the direction of W. the statute was changed before.

Only short time deceased to Bernd later sound-sneezes at the age of 41 years at the consequences of a Nierentransplantation.

In the year 2000 was the company on the list of those 180 large-scale enterprises with more than billion DM annual turnover, which had not taken part despite the appeals of the donation initiative of the German economy in the remuneration fund for the forced laborers of the LV regime (television broadcast of contrasts from 7 December 2000).

The 2004 created association "meat for the joy of the children registered association "accomplishes annually "the German division championship".

Since 2004 are Clemens sound-sneeze as a supervisory board chairman for the federal league club FC Schalke 04 actively and it underline thereby continuity in the solidarity with this association.

In the transmission report Mainz on 19 December 2005 was represented by the example of the company that also with the large-scale enterprises of the meat industry substantial deficits are present in the hygiene monitoring.

The high portion of low wage persons employed moved the company into the footlights of the political discussion. Beyond that those led employment policy of the enterprise - not least because of neighborly conflicts with the workers accommodated in collecting accommodations - at the location Rheda to local criticism.

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