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Soichiro Honda (jap. Honda Soichiro; * 17 November 1906 in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan, "† 5 August 1991) was a Japanese entrepreneur.

In the year 1948 based Soichiro Honda corporation, which developed fast to one of the most important engine manufacturers. He remained a president from Honda to 1973.

He spent its childhood in the bicycle workshop of his father, who he helped with the repairs. In the age of 16 years Soichiro went then to Tokyo where it a training place in an autoworkshop assumed to open there worked it 6 years long as a mechanic to it in the year 1928 as 22 year old young man again into its hometown Komyo back turned around there its own workshop.

At this time Honda began with the participation in various running, but after a heavy accident in which it had drawn herself several serious injuries and fractures too became it from its wife requested this hobby on to give.

By its work in the workshop working at full capacity it did not create 1937 Tokai Seiki Heavy Industry (TSHI), an enterprise which piston rings produced, this sold Soichiro Honda 11 years later (1948) at the price of 450.000 YEN at Toyota.

Still in the same year (1948) Honda began as a president Honda corporation with the production of motorcycles. By intelligent Marketingstrategien and outstanding technical achievements it succeeded to rise the company few years later to the motorcycle manufacturer with the world-wide highest sales figures to, in the year 1959 started Honda the sales of its motorcycles also in the USA.

Up to its retirement in the year 1973 Soichiro Honda president of the enterprise remained, also after its official withdrawal dedicated it the main part its time the work in connection with Honda corporation.

It died in the year 1991 at a liver suffering.

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