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A social security number is a characteristic consisting of letters and/or numbers for the identification of persons in the social security nature.

In principle in all states with functioning social security systems also social security numbers are used. Structure and intended purposes differ however from each other.

German-speaking countries

In the Federal Republic of Germany no social security number valid for all social security systems exists. This has data security-legal reasons. Therefore for example in the health insurance and the old age pension insurance different insurance numbers are processed. To the limited extent however the old age pension insurance number (example becomes: 65170839J008) like a social security number uses.

In the German Democratic Republic the twelve-digit person characteristic number (example became: 281207430153) also for identification in the social security nature used.

Austria is used a number followed by the six-digit date of birth (example: 123X 01 01 80). She is assigned for the 1990er years already with the birth, before it only with the first employment. The number covers a serial-number, which begins at 100 in the first three places. The fourth place, in above example the X, is a check digit, which is calculated by the other places. About 800 social security numbers per birthday, which makes many combinations available under normal conditions for Austria per day sufficiently, result. In special situations this number extent per day cannot be sufficient however and in these cases a date of birth with days over 31 and months over 12 is registered, sometimes what leads to confusion. These situations concern above all usually immigrants, which cannot not occupy its details date of birth know and/or and therefore their birthday on the 1. and/or 1 June of the respective birth yearly is specified. Since it comes then on these days to over runs with the number in the first three places, with those persons these special date entries in the social security number are made.

To Switzerland a new social security number is to be introduced shortly into form administration and register-spreading person identification number (pin). Both the social insurers and the national authorities are to work with the pin. The Swiss federal commisioner for data protection announced doubts against these planning. He fears that the use the pin will impair the personality and data security.

Angloamerikani area

The nine-place Social Security NUMBER (example used in the United States: 306-30-2348) one uses not only by the social security and in the health service, but also by other authorities, for example the fiscal authorities and private enterprises. The social security number has thus the function of a general personal identifier.

The social systems of the united kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland work with that national Insurance NUMBER. It consists followed of two letters from six numbers and a third letter (example: AB-123456-C). The UK-Sozialversicherungsnummer is used exclusively by the national social security systems.

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