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One usually calls the operator of a shipping sluice air-lock attendants

The expression smuggler designates depending upon the connection

  • Humans, who help other humans to the escape into another country, or
  • Humans, who make it for other humans possible to arrive and be there against the residencelegal regulations of the Ziellandes into this country.

The term can, depending upon context, when adversely apply.

Smugglers were called in Germany that one, in 2. To the escape into Switzerland help world war pursued German (for example Jews).

In the GDR became persons, who brought and others in the FRG or persons illegaly into the GDR, when smuggler designates. Other GDR designations for them were "criminal escape aids" or tractors. GDR laws planned detentions of several years for smugglers.

Today one calls people dealers or tractors persons, who make the illegal migration for foreigners possible into another country.

Since 1990 the term in the media and the policy clearly adverse Beiklang.Schleusern, which help humans before this time to the departure from the GDR, has itself by the Federal High Court by judgement was assured that up to 40.000, - DM a legitimate payment for a channeling would be.

From legal view the term smuggler is regulated in "ยง 96 the residence law. Smuggler is, who causes another or thereby assistance carries out for it without permission into the Federal Republic of Germany to enter or to stop here and either against money does, repeated acts it or channels several (at least three) persons at the same time. The residence law is part of the Zuwanderungsgesetz.

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