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Smoke powder describes a pyrotechnic powder, which serves for the production of smoke.


So-called white smoke powder contains a mixture out

  • 50 Gew % ammonium chloride,
  • 25 Gew % potassium chlorate, (or other oxidizing agents such as Kaliumnitrat)
  • as well as organic natural substances in powder form (resins, sugars + sulfur, charcoal etc.).

Function: From the burn of organic materials results warmth, which brings the ammonium chloride to decomposition. Ammonia and hydrogen chloride ascend and are connected in air again to a fine dense fog.

Sugar smoke powder: Alternatively to it one can manufacture also with Kaliumnitrat (Salpeter) and sugar (mixing proportion 2:1) smoke powders. The dust sugar and the Kaliumnitrat are separately ground from each other finely. The two powders are well mixed. One may use this smoke powder however only in the free one and on fireproof documents! Caution it burns with hot flame and squirts with hot liquid sugar.

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