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Skyglobe is a program for the simulation of the starlit sky including the objects from the Messier catalog, planet, sun and moon. It considered the precession of the Erdachse (25,750 years). It was under astronomy-interested much likes. It became of Marks A Haney and/or his company KlassM software Inc. in Ann Arbor, Michigan as Shareware offered. Mark wrote it 1989, after it had made its conclusion in computer Science at the Michigan State University.

The last official version 3.6 came from October 1993 and contained in the Shareware version the data of 29.000 stars. Originally for systems under DOS developed, it ran likewise under Windows 95 /98 and to a large extent also under Windows NT /2000. For 20 USD CD with a larger star data base was offered.

On the occasion of the event Shoemaker Levy 9 published Haney in July 1994 the DOS version 4,0 and testweise Skyglobe for Windows 1,0, which was executable under Windows 3,11. The auxiliary program CircumSpace made it possible to make small flights by that the solar system which was obvious for space. It simulated the environment of the 7,700 nearest stars.

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