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The Skrotum or the Hodensack ranks among the male sex organs and is a striking and a muscle bag with male mammals, of which contain the testicles, Nebenhoden, at the beginning of the seed leader and the end of the seed strand. It is between the legs, the Penis and the dam. It possesses much frizzy hair, which becomes in the course of the time ever longer and with according to assessed ones than indication of aging also grey and/or white.

Function of the Skrotums is to hold the testicles two to five degrees Celsius coolly as the remainder of the body. This temperature is optimally for the production of sperm cellses, likewise for "to-life-stops" male seed already produced. The testicle temperature is regulated by the fact that the Hodensack pulls together with cold weather, whereby the testicles are pulled more near to the body and the radiation surface for the body warmth become smaller, and with warmth eases, whereby the testicles continue to arrive away from the body and the radiation surface is increased.

Misalignment of the testicle into the Hodensack, the called Descensus testis, should be final to at the latest at the beginning of the ninth pregnancy monthly and is considered as ripe characters of the male newborn child. It causes the anatomical structure of the Skrotums in as much as the of the peritoneum accompanying the testicle with its descent forms the wall of the testicle cave, the Cavum scroti, and/or its two which are by the Skrotalseptum from each other separated. The connection to the abdominal cavity, existing first over the border channel, usually in order to prevent on the one hand the development of a Skrotalhernie, on the other hand a reentry of the testicle into the border channel.

The internal sheet of these or Tunica vaginalis testis the testicles and Nebenhoden covers and as Epiorchium is designated, which expresses as Periorchium. Accumulations of liquid in this area lead to the Hydrozele. extensions of the venous v.a. in the left Skrotalfach become particularly visible in standing as Varikozele. With fettleibigen men a Intertrigo can spread to the Skrotum. Particularly with persons abscesses of the skin can manifest themselves as Skrotalabszesse.

Evolutionary the large Schamlippen of the woman correspond to the Skrotum of the man. There the genital bulges do not merge, while this happens with the male individual. The fusion line of the two genital bulges remains thereby as above the Skrotalseptum already mentioned. At the Hodensack thereby a kind "seam" (see Raphe) is to be seen.

In former times of the Skrotum by animals (for example of goat supports) bags were made, for example as drinking bottle. Therefore the term is probably derived Bocksbeutels. In addition, there are other hypotheses to the Etymologie of this word.

Beside the acorn and the Klitoris the testicles belong to the most sensitive places of the human body. Many men may be affected and stroked it therefore, with the dear play there.


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