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The SR2 ("SR" means "windshield frame section on Rhine metal") is the successor of the first small motor cycle SR1 built with Simson in Suhl (Thuringia). It is like its predecessor a moped, i.e., the engine is started with the pedals.

One knows bicycle driving with inserted 2.Gang and pulled clutch thereby also "".

The carburetor had one "Tupfer "to low pressure of the float, that had to be so long pressed with the cold weather starting, until fuel from the ran.

The manufacturer of the engine is VEB the office machine work in Thuringia. This work belonged before the Second World War to the Rhine metal company and manufactured beside office machines in the last years before the war also various armaments. Therefore the signature "Rhine metal" was also still present at GDR times on the crankshaft housings.

The SR2E is an advancement, at which only relatively small changes (seat suspension among other things) were made.

The SR2 was built by 1957 to 1959 and the SR2E from 1960 to 1964.

Technical data SR2E:

  • Engine: A cylinder - Zweitakt with flat-topped pistons, air-cooled
  • Capacity: 47.6 cm
  • Stroke/drilling: 42/38 mm
  • Compression: 7,5: 1
  • Achievement: 1.8 HP with 5500 rpm
  • Spark plug: M14/240
  • Carburetor: BVF central float carburetor NKJ 121-4
  • Transmission: 2 course with Handschaltung over bowden cable
  • Clutch: Three-disk oil bath clutch
  • electrical system:
    • Momentum light magneto ignition 15/18 W with light coil 6V 18W
    • Headlight 15/15W 6V
  • Tyre: 2,25x23 tariff
  • Unloaded weight: 48 kg
  • permissible total weight: 145 kg
  • Maximum speed: 45 km/h are possible for 40 km/h (factory specification) partial - SR meeting information to SR1 & SR2, photo gallery, Tuning and more HTTP: / - information to the Simson SR2-Treffen in : / - data, documents etc. over the Simson SR 2

Reference work: Simson old timer - a councellor for SR1, SR2, SR2E and KR 50Autor: Eberhard Werner publishing house: MZA publishing house ISBN: 3-9809481-3-7

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