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The S51 of the Thuringian motorcycle manufacturer Simson from Suhl was one the usually-sold Mokicks in the GDR.

The machine achieved, with their 2.72 KW (3.7 HP) strong 49.8 cm - a cylinder two-stroke engine on the paper a maximum speed of 60 km/h. In reality however 65-70 km/h were possible without further measures depending upon operator's weight and fuel. The unloaded weight amounted to dependent on the equipment approx. 81kg and the utilizable mass (driver + Sozia/partner + luggage) approx. 179kg.

With the production of the S51 in the year 1980 one began.

This machine was built in different versions:

  • S51N (N for normal, in the vernacular also often used for nothing) - this execution had minimum electrical equipment without starter lock, parking light and turn signal. The horn was supplied via 4 mono batteries with river. The rear wheel guidance is made with this model by mechanical absorbers
  • S51B (B for turn signals, in the vernacular often: Better) - this model possessed turn signal, hydraulic rear wheel absorbers, starter lock, a Bleiakku and in three different variants was built:
    • S51B 1-3 - 3-Gang-Getriebe, 25W headlight, circuit breaker ignition
    • S51B 1-4 - 4-Gang-Getriebe, 25W headlight, circuit breaker ignition
    • S51 electrical NIC 2-4 - 4-Gang-Getriebe, 35W headlight, electronics ignition
  • S51E (E for Enduro) - the S51E appeared 1983 and differed only insignificantly from the S51B of 2-4, special characteristics was the pulled up exhaust with changed side cover, the high steering wheel, the 2fach adjustable rear wheel absorber, steel wheels and the grobere tyre. The most important characteristic of the Enduro were the additional framework bracings from the guidance head to the driver foot slots.
    • S51E4 - Like S51N, cheap Enduro model, shock struts without adjustment
  • S51C (C for Comfort) - the S51C was built likewise starting from 1983 and corresponded as far as possible to the S51E. The most important differences were tachometer, side stand, the exhaust of the S51B row, impressive lacquer finishes of tank and side cover, black painted engine and the higher price.

In the late 80's the models were changed over to 12 V on-board tension and got the "electronic flashing and Ladeanlage" ELBA. With the model S51-1C1 the HS1-Halogenbeleuchtung was introduced. The electronic ignition and the "Klappkickstarter" became the standard. The more modern K36-Bereifung held introduction. The stop light was switched on also during operation of the "emergency brake". To recognize were the modified vehicles at the not necessarily beautiful however different side cover sticker.

Many the Simson of vehicles were however not left in the original state, their owners to have them in laborious detailed work were converted. They were equipped with stronger engines (for example with 70 ccm and 4 channels, or that legendary BigBore), louder exhausts, higher or tiefernen chassis, partly very creative lighting (like LED taillights) and other technical Spielereinen. Likewise there were many different complete changes for example on Streetfighter, hard core Enduro or Chopper.

In Germany the vehicles of this type are with young people still much like, because they may be driven due to the agreement contract and the driving licence regulation ("§"§76 FeV, No. 8 "§6 exp. 1) despite a maximum speed 60 km/h with a driving licence of the class M. Normally the class M is limited to vehicles with a maximum speed of 45 km/h.

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