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The S50 is a two-seat small motor cycle that as successor of the Mokicks star and Habicht were produced between 1975 and 1980 in VEB the vehicle and hunting weapon work Simson (Suhl). It was because of its sporty appearance particularly with the young people in the former GDR likes and hot desired. The small motor cycle possesses wide webbed, wind-cooled 50 cm - a two-stroke engine (designation M53/2) with an output a three-course transmission foot-switched of 3,5 HP and. It is 79 kg heavily, has a pay load of 181 kg and reached a maximum speed of approximately 60 km/h. With the gasoline in approx. 9.5 litres the seizing tank (secondary act mixture 1:50) one, depending upon loading and Streckenprofil, could drive to about 300 km far. One differentiated between the models S50N, S50B, S50 B1 and S50 B2. S50N did not have simpler electrical system, e.g. no turn signals, a starter lock, ignition coil only on the inside etc. and was somewhat easier therefore. S50B2 possessed one electronic ignition, 4 turn signals and a 6V-35/35 Watt headlight. The S50 was the predecessor of the small motor cycle S51. The vehicle was exported by the GDR also in different, usually socialist or developing countries.

In Germany the vehicles of this type are with young people still much like, because they may due to the agreement contract and the driving licence regulation ("§"§76 FeV, No. 8 "§6 exp. 1) despite a maximum speed 60 km/h with a driving licence of the class M driven. Normally the class M is limited to vehicles with a maximum speed of 45 km/h.

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