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"The Habicht " (type name "SR4-4 ") is a two-seat small motor cycle from the former "VEB vehicle and hunting weapon work "Simson "Suhl "in Thuringia. This model was the latter from the so-called bird series. Its production took place starting from 1972 on the same production volumes of its predecessor, the Sperbers "SR4-3 ". Up to the series discharge in the year 1975 approx. 80,000 pieces of it were produced. Many construction units, building groups and spare parts originated from "the building block principle "of the bird series, which so equally at further Suhler small motor cycles were used, e.g. 3.4 HP strong two-stroke engine, the seat, the steering wheel, which entire electrical equipment of vehicle u.v.m. blower-cooled 50 cm - engine (type name "M 54/11 KFL ") had a Kickstarter and possessed, contrary to "the star ", but a foot-switched Vierganggetriebe, which it of its predecessor, who Sperber with had taken over. Also the complete chassis also easily changed framework, 9.5 litre tank, hydraulic shock absorbers was taken over by the Sperber as well as the external ignition coil. The maximum speed of the Habichts amounted to about 60 km/h. It was painted during the entire production period always in if one intended of some, for the export and "star de luxe" called red painted models foresees. The lateral shroudings, which were steering wheel bowl and the tank beige painted. The retail price (ex-factory price) of the Habichts was at 1430, - Mark (east).

The production "of the Habichts "became, just as those "of the star ", adjusted in the year 1975 in favor of the putting into production of the sportier S50-Modelle.

Picture of a Simson "Habicht "

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