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A silo or a tower silo is a large memory for bulk material silos for storing cement, limestone flour, plastic granulates, feed and the like are used.


Silos are filled in principle from above, and from downside one takes. They work thus after the roofridge in - roofridge Out procedure. Depending upon material a slidegate valve is sufficient or to the withdrawal, if the force of gravity is not sufficient around the material to flows to bring, one mechanically conveyer system like an auger ''.


The pressure ratios in a silo favour a relatively easy building method compared with a equivalent high tank for liquids. While in a tank the horizontal pressure increases on the side panels linear with the height from top to bottom, the increase takes place with the silo substantially more slowly, only proportionally to the logarithm of the height. The exact computation of the pressure is possible with the Janssen equation.


Typical silos in the agriculture are about 10 to 20 meters high cylindrical buildings from concrete, stone, steel or plastic, in which grain or Silage is kept. However also unusually high silos exist like the Henninger tower in Frankfurt or the grain silo of the with Ulm, which are high over 100 meters. These buildings are called silo tower.

At the building ready-mixed mortar is delivered for cleaning in silos. These silos are usually directly coupled to the machine for mixing.

As special forms existed beside the tower silo still the silo truck or driving silo this is mostly or always driven of wage enterprises. E.g. grass or corn and of tractors with a car to a heap is brought together and a tractor (the rolling tractor) distributes this and rolls it at the same time firmly.


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