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SieMatic is a German kitchen producer. It was created 1929 by August Siekmann into wages/Westphalia on a work area of 2000 m In the meantime on 63000 m is produced, the enterprise has world-wide about 600 coworkers in over 50 countries.

In the financial year 2005 the conversion of the enterprise amounted to approximately 200 millions euro, after 180 millions euro in the year 2004. The profit after taxes decreased/went back easily.

Present managing directors (2006) are Ulrich William Siekmann and Stefan Albink.


  • 1929 establishment by August Siekmann (August Siekmann of furniture works)
  • 1950 work with own track connection and new wood storage hall with cantilever roof
  • 1953 selling of the kitchens as "it "- kitchens
  • 1958 with modern machines were brought the manufacturing on the newest conditions.
  • 1960 the mark SieMatic one created
  • 1960 for mark introduction present the 6006, the first seizeless kitchen to SieMatic.
  • 1979 entrance into the American market

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