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a braided hose filled with black powders is called of for instance 0,5cm diameter, which is mostly rubberized, in order to reduce wetness sensitivity. The burn-off speed of the cord must be however constantly examined, since black powder is very hygroscopic and cannot failure after longer duration of storage not be excluded. The cut end of a piece of cord can be protected with some drops wax well from wetness. can be ignited for safety reasons only by the of a match. The target burn-off speed amounts to effected in the European Union about 1m/Minute.Da the ignition in the danger area and a large time interval between and explosive explosion lies, is relatively risky the employment of the compared with other ignition kinds (e.g. electrical ignition).

National regulations

  • In Switzerland must burn at least 90 seconds
  • In Austria the employment is to be limited because of the danger if possible (see explanations for blowing up regulation). The burning duration must amount to at least 2 minutes.

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