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Sibel Dinez Edmonds (* 1969 in Iran) is national a former translator of Arab texts with the FBI and foundress that Security Whistleblowers Coalition (NSWBC). Edmonds became in March 2002 as Sprachenspezialistin in the Washington Field Office FBI to dismiss. She had accused to a colleague, who maintained illegal activities of a Turk to cover and that safety offences and intentional covering of secret service information impair the security of the United States of America. Minutes of their led legal proceedings are not published for safety reasons.


Sibel Edmonds is the daughter of an Azerbaijani doctor. It lived first in Iran, then in Turkey and came 1988 as a student into the USA. There it became 1996 Edmonds speaks four languages and has a master title in international economy of the George Mason University of as well as a Bachelor in criminal law and psychology of the George Washington university.

Career at the FBI

Edmonds was adjusted at the FBI as an interpreter for the translation unit on 20 September 2001. Between December 2001 and March 2002 it reported different incidents to the managers of office injury and incompetence. This included also its boss Mike Feghali. Edmonds states that the managers worked against her. Therefore it escalated the complaint to the Office OF Professional Responsibility and the U.S. department OF Justice's Office OF Inspector general. Them became to 22. March 2002 dismisses.

In the June of the yearly reported then anonymous government circles in the AP and the Washington post office the fact that the employee worked badly and broke security.


The statements over the failure at the FBI drew the attention of the Justizkommittees on itself and the Komittee held two public hearings. During these the FBI supplied several not classified documents and statements and confirmed also that some statements had truth content. Thereupon two senators sent letters, also on their web pages were published and asked for explanation as well as for an independent examination of the department.

In the meantime Edmonds raised accusation against the Ministry of Justice, the FBI and different official ones. It stated that it was quit by the FBI for revenge reasons. John Ashcroft occupied the documents on 18 October 2002 with a barrier, in order to prevent the publication. This happened with the reason that it impairs national security.

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