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The shade serves to prevent sun exposure. The Schattiermaterial has to absorb and reflect the characteristic the irradiation. In the greenhouse thereby a too strong heating up of the plants is prevented. The air temperature is hardly affected. There are 2 kinds of shade in the greenhouse:

External shade

Advantages: Sun exposure does not even leave into the greenhouse, air movement in the greenhouse is not obstructed. The disadvantages: higher maintenance costs, larger wear of the Schattiermaterials and usually high costs, if the shade is to be light-dependently regulated. In southern Klimaten and the foil greenhouses spread there usually a Schattiergewebe becomes strained on the foil surface from the outside. One sees also shades, which pulled on rope constructions over the house isolated. In our Klimaten external shades are not in the professional building of greenhouses in use, but with the building of winter gardens or larger glass areas in architecture.

Interior shade

Solar radiation penetrates into the greenhouse up to the Schattierschirm. The area above the Schattierschirms is strongly warmed up, the lower less. This technology is less effective than the external shade. Advantage: The shade is protected against winter influences and requires smaller maintenance.

Continuous shade

In the case of increasing irradiation Schattierfarbe (white and washable) is applied on the greenhouse. Advantages: obstructs the greenhouse ventilation not and is inexpensive. Disadvantages: Color can adapt, contrary to the screen, not to the irradiation. Also when small irradiation one schattiert, although not desired. Washing of the color off is labor-consuming.

See also energy screen

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