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Sexual self-determination as right property means that everyone has the right to determine over its freely. Besides the term designates a value conception, afterwards at whose development first the women's movement and the gay and lesbian movement had a relevant portion.


Sexual self-determination includes both sexual orientation and Heterosexualit¤t, or also and the free choice of the sexual practices, the Sexualpartner, the expression of the sex identity (Transgender, Cisgender) and the form of the sexual relations (like for example Monogamie, Promiskuit¤t, or Polyamorie).


This large right to self-determination developed only in the course of history and with loosening religiously justified regulations to the Sexualethik, and is not even in western societies yet completely interspersed. For example permitted old person the will (5. Book Mose 22:21) that a woman, who was not during the marriage ceremony any more virgin on operation of its married man could be gesteinigt. In the 3. Book Mose 20:10 - the death penalty is fixed 21 for sexual actions between men.

National socialism

Homosexual humans in the third realm and also shank in the concentration camp was pursued was threatened, which ended in the majority of the cases with death. Also women and girls with promisken behavior were kidnapped as sexually keep-drawn in woman concentration camps.


In some areas with Islamic legal order (Schari'a) this very day except-conjugal sexual intercourse or is punished as Unzucht with death. In the meantime even in Germany so-called "honour murders" are committed by Muslims in the name of their religion and under ignoring the German legal order, although the murder is likewise forbidden in self law in the Islam.

Executions of homosexual ones today still take place in Iran, in Saudi Arabia, Mauritania, the Sudan and in Yemen.

Recent history

The term of the sexual safe-keeping draw was used in BRDnoch into the 1970er year, in order to also instruct girls and young women from the standards deviating behavior into educating homes. This happened partly also with the victims of sexual abuse. Sanctioning sexual behavior standards in Ireland had extreme forms, where into the 1990er years several ten thousand women were held in homes of the Magdalenenordens (see English), often on bare suspicion, zwangweise and had to perform unpaid work.

Changing values

The increasing acceptance of of the standard deviating Sexualpraktiken and ways of life is an expression of general changing values in the western modern societies. Legally this presses itself by the example of the in the reform paragraph 175 in the Federal Republic of Germany in the year 1969, with which concerted sexual actions between adult men were not classified any more than victimless criminal offence. The practice of is considered therefore in principle as permitted, as long as took part agreement between the adults exists. An exception does not exist however no more with relations, which is punished in Germany and many other countries, in a number of countries (see Inzest).

Also in other western industrialized countries the iurisdiction developed since the clearing-up similarly, whereby to some regions of the world restrictive laws had only been introduced by European colonial powers.

The death penalty comes nearly only into Islamic states forwards (see also to (criminal law history)).

Special protection for children

Children enjoy a special protection. After German right the sexual self-determination of children does not express itself by a possibility of the child of being able to consent legally effectively to sexual actions. Sexual actions with children always present themselves therefore as punishable sexual abuse of children. At the latest since that 4. Law for the reform of the criminal law from 23 November 1973 applies in the jurisprudence as protected right property the total development of the child unimpaired of premature sexual experiences.

Social restrictions

From existing or evenly also not (more) existing restrictions of the right to sexual self-determination by laws actual restrictions are to be distinguished, which can exist socially due to discrimination.

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