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Sexual abuse designates sexual actions at humans, who are posed under punishment. In the social science the term often since actions expanded, which are not punishable, but will be morally condemned.

In the sociological literature, within ranges of the work with the victims, also concerning therapies as well as in psychological connections also the designation sexual force or concrete Sexualisierte force is used. The term sexualisiert is to be expressed mine that aspects of force do not have their origin in the however here by means of sexual actions.

Sexual abuse is regarded in Germany with large majority as one of the most serious criminal offences, applies in particular to sexual abuse of children.

Sexual abuse in the criminal law

  • Sexual abuse of children marks sexual actions forwards, at or with a child. When children become, dependent on national iurisdiction, persons before that 12. up to 18. Lebensjahr, in Germany before that 14. Lebensjahr, understood. See also "§ 176 StGB.
  • Sexual abuse of young people designates sexual actions usually adults with young people, who took place against payment or if the ability is missing for the sexual self-determination of the young person and who uses adult this. As young people far away persons at the age of 14 to 17 years are considered, whereby the age ranges are subdivided more finely concerning the punishability in Germany. See also "§ 182 StGB.
  • Sexual abuse of protection-ordered designates sexual actions of a person with young people, if between the person and the young person training and/or a care relationship exists or it concerns with the young person a physical child, in Germany through "§ 174 StGB posed under punishment.

A multiplicity of further regulations punishes sexual actions with prisoners, officially kept, patient, needy one (BR Germany: "§ 174a StGB), persons in consulting, treatment or care conditions (BR Germany: "§ 174c StGB), if a position given by these conditions was used.

A punishability gap closed 241b of the penal code, that since August 2005 "§ now actions, which are actually no sexual actions, when Stalking likewise places under punishment.

Abuse forms

  • Rape
  • Sexual compulsion
  • Sexual abuse of children at the protection age
  • Sexual abuse of protection-ordered (humans in the subordinate position concern)
  • Kinderpornografie
  • Exhibitionismus

To define is the sexual abuse of the sexual annoyance, which is not punishable every now and then illegally, e.g. in regard pertaining to labour law, but.

Psychological consequences

Trauma tables experiences like the sexual abuse cause often mental damage, which leads frequently to long lasting psychological disturbances to the victims. These rich of post office trauma tables the load disturbance over depressions and boron the LINE personality disturbance as well as dissociative disturbances up to the multiple The three latter disturbances particularly often stand in close relationship with the suffering of sexual abuse in the childhood and Jugendalter.Ronald J. Comer: Clinical psychology. Spectrum of ISBN 3-8274-0592-0Michaela Huber: Multiple personalities, survivors of extreme force. Fischer ISBN 3-596-12160-4

Prevention beginnings

Many beginnings of prevention aim off to prepare potenzielle victims in such a way so that they can repel either the passing or that them later sufficient courage and Kraft to have to indicate the author. Likewise it can be meaningful to strengthen it in such a way to be able to resume so that it after an incident the life as independently as possible. Particularly in occupations, in those adults often with children or obstructed in contact stand give it also to course, which addresses itself to potenzielle authors.

  • All persons should be taken seriously. If someone says "no", then it is also a no. Particularly it is made clear to children in such a way that adults may not do everything and that they "do not consider" always are.
  • In families and other groups of humans the mutual respect is before-lived. However nobody should behave around the goodness sake good.
  • and body-referred topics are not turned under the table. The own body is considered as nothing dirty. Many victims develop later a split relationship to their body, which can express itself in and proper hate on the sex parts.

Alternative one to the term "sexual abuse"

In order to provide for the problem of the assignment of the object status a certain perceptibility, particularly in toolistic connections usually of "sexual abuse at humans" one speaks.

In order to create the problem remedy that the term of the "sexual abuse" "abused it is partly spoken the perspective" humans ignored, of "sexualisiertem abuse at humans".

Some "abused" humans lean self categorization as "abused" off, because she meant to grant after her understanding that "abusing" humans succeeded to make her an article which her never - also during the "abuse action" non was. For these humans and such, who divide their aspect, are applicable as possible alternative designations among other things: "sexualisierte abusing", "sexualisierte force", "sexual exploitation".

Reasons for the spreading of the term "sexual abuse"

The fact that despite its problem the term "sexual abuse" could generally become generally accepted explains itself among other things from the following aspects:

  • In the start time (1970er years) it applied to define sexual abuse in families of other forms of family force. On the one hand it had to be fought for the fact that sexual abuse of children in the public was noticed at all as independent phenomenon. On the other hand children were to be protected to become "treated" in the context of family-therapeutic measures. In these measures, which placed the receipt of the family into the foreground, in opinion at that time active social worker and psychologist sexual abuse were uncovered rather covered as. The term "abuse" should make a clear demarcation to abusing and open thus new ways for the treatment possible, what partly also succeeded.
  • Sexual abuse is frequently linked with debt feelings with the victims. The self classification as object relieves from these debt feelings.
  • Sexual abuse was brought up for discussion in the public first almost exclusively as force of men against girls and women.
  • Since bringing up for discussion sexualisierter force at children was actually already within the families in the public a feat, less veiling names for the sexual abuse could not become generally accepted.
  • Social control takes place in this society substantially over Kriminalisierung and Pathologisierung.
  • There were sexual abuse and give beginnings, less than deviation from dominant normalities to interpret because than their effect. In the start time it was not foreseeable whether public bringing up for discussion of sexual abuse could not flow within families into a politically effective more fundamental society criticism.


  • Inches bass Laura Davis: "Defiance everything - ways to the Selbstheilung for sexually abused Mrs." (THe courage ton heal) Orlanda woman Mrs. 12. Edition 2004 ISBN 3-922166-61-X

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