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Sexual abuse of children designates sexual actions also, at or before children. Typically thereby a making or a knowledge downward gradient between the author and its childlike victim plays a central role. When "child "persons become defined after German criminal law, who completed the four tenth Lebensjahr not yet. When such actions become abusive designation, since they hurt the right of self-determination of the victim and it to a substantial risk expose, like for example lasting disturbances of the psychosexuellen development, Traumatisierungen, and further psychological disturbances for its whole further life. In contrast to sexual crimes among adults one does not play "consent "a role for the evaluation of the abusiveness, since the necessary knowledge or the mental ripe one for such decisions is missing to children. In nearly all countries the sexual abuse of children is punishable.


The initially given "definition" represented the attempt, moral, legal, to summarize medical and psychological aspects concerning the sexual abuse of children. A definition, which considers all aspects equally, is however only insufficiently possible, since between the individual beginnings often to large discrepancies exist. Above all because the sexual abuse of children in most countries possesses a not insignificant criminal relevance, a definition from the legal point of view becomes necessary.

Word use

Frigga Haug points out that it nearly always concerns with the word child abuse sexual child abuse: "of therefore it for instance Kinderarbeit and child exploitation were not discussed under abuse."

Law situation of individual countries

  • Sexual abuse of children (Germany)


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