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A setting shelf serves the letterpress printing, which for the Handsatz one uses, in the part as job of the Schriftsetzers and at the same time for the admission and storage of the type characters. With the setting shelves one differentiates the first following types:

  • Setting shelves with diagonal desk (for presenting the writing boxes),
  • Setting shelves without diagonal desk.

Afterwards there are still differences in the number of writing box places (thrusts):

  • Setting shelves for bread writing boxes (over the entire width of the setting shelf),
  • Setting shelves for Antiqua and putting writing boxes (the normal execution),
  • Setting shelves with standing writing boards,
  • Setting shelves with only putting writing boxes.

In the early years of the printing often still another subject was intended in the setting shelves (diagonal desks), in which the typesetter could accommodate its Vesper or other private things.

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