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A service dog is particularly a dog trained for the field of the police, which is led by a service dog leader (service dog leaders).

As resources of the police it is formally an aid of the physical force. Above all dogs of the recognized service dog races find use as service dogs. In the last years increased also the Belgian shepherd dog is used.

Certified service dog races in Germany:

  • German shepherd dog
  • Rottweiler
  • Dobermann
  • Riesenschnauzer
  • Airedale Terrier
  • Bouvier of the Flandres

Necessary characteristics like good nose achievement, subordination joy and protection impulse were strengthened at these races by purposeful breeding.


Police dogs assigned as:

  • Protection dog
  • Trackhound
    • Drug trackhound
    • Explosive trackhound (most diverse explosives, in addition, weapons and ammunition)
    • Fire central trackhound
    • Corpse trackhound
    • Person search dogs (Mantrailing)
    • Fund trackhound

Use of service dogs with the tariff:

Just as the police sets the customs administration of service dogs as protection dogs and trackhounds in the entire task spectrum in, in order to e.g. make drugs, weapons, tobacco and other illegal materials at airports, European Union external borders, in private dwellings, on motorways and at the border. The use of protection dogs with the tariff limits itself to the border supervision service at the GermanSwiss border.

Training of trackhounds

The training of a trackhound sits down essentially from play and hive-rubbed together. The dog gets with the play taught, as its "toy" smells. In addition a plastic tube with a substance is e.g. filled, which smells like hashish. Gradually the dog recognizes the toy by the smell and looks for in reality its toy. If he found his alleged toy, he indicates this either by an active announcement (scharren) or a passive announcement (sitting or lying, with the eyes the place of discovery fixing). For reward the dog gets now its toy and it may thereby play. Later will the smells of the toys more complex and can be combined.

From Dressur under obligation the authorities already refrain since long time, because the spielerische education and the impulse promotion obtain better results, as an action, which is unpleasant for the dog.

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