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Semtex is a Plastiksprengstoff. It is used apart from commercial breakups also for military purposes. Semtex is clearly the preferential explosive of international groups of terrorists, because he is very cost effective relatively easily to acquire and. Interesting also its characteristic is to be actually odorless whereby it is not found by trackhounds. Industrially manufactured Semtex must be shifted therefore in most states with Geruchsstoffen, finding the explosive by dogs made possible.

It was invented 1966 of Stanislav Brebera, a chemist of the VCHZ Synthesia. As the first it was manufactured of the Czech company Semtin Glassworks (late VCHZ Synthesia, today Explosia). Semtex is designated after Semtin, a suburb of Pardubice in the east of It consists 50.2% RDX, the remainder of 49,8% PETN + is styrene butadiene india rubber.

Semtex HSemtex A
PETN49,8 %94,3 %
RDX50,2 %5,7 %
Coloring materialThe Sudan I (red-orange)The Sudan IV
Softenern-octyl butyl CIT advice phthalatdto.
BinderStyrene butadiene india rubberdto.

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