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Selbstentsorger one calls manufacturers and Vertreiber of sales packing ("§ 3 exp. 1 No. 2 VerpackV), its waste-legal product responsibility ith S.D. "§ 6 exp. 1 and 2 of the packing regulation originally notice and of their obligations not by participation in a system in accordance with "§ 6 exp. 3 VerpackV (dual system) "do not release themselves" leave.

After "§ 6 exp. 1 and 2 VerpackV are obligated to manufacturers and Vertreiber to it, of the final consumer used, remainder-emptied sales packing back at the place of the actual delivery or in its direct proximity free of charge to take. Selbstentsorger must, exactly like binary systems, which in appendix I No. 1 and 2 made demands at the utilization, cancelling and verification to fulfill.

For fulfilment this cancelling, utilization, and documentation obligations can avail themselves the manufacturers and Vertreiber also third ("§ 11 sentence 1 VerpackV). After appendix I No. the legislator makes likewise 2 exp. for 1 sentence possible 5 that several Vertreiber and manufacturer notice their product responsibility collectively in a community. These third organize, if necessary in Selbstentsorgergemeinschaften so mentioned, for the participants the fulfilment of the obligations. Special is called this, it takes over the collection of sales sales, ensures that these are supplied to a regulation-conformal utilization, and provides and deposits the mass flow proof. To note it is here that it, in contrast to a participation in a binary system ith S.D. "§ 6 exp. 3 VerpackV, not to a release from obligations with the disposal from sales packing comes, but only to a transmission.

A special arrangement exists for dispatch dealers. These are committed to 1 sentence 6 VerpackV after "§ 6 exp. even to ensure the return return possibilities suitable by sales packing by in reasonable distance to the final consumer. In the literature it is disputed whether Selbstentsorger are justified to accomplish beyond their obligations one household near collection.

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