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Sefik Alp Bahadir (*22. May 1946 in Corum/Turkey) is a Turkish economist.

Personal record

After its Abitur Sefik Alp Bahadir studied 1966 in Berlin as a scholarship holder of the Friedrich Ebert donation to the FU Berlin economic science and political science. It terminated the study with three conclusions as diploma political economist (1971), diploma operation manager (1973) and diploma Politologe (1975). 1977 it became by the FB economic science the Dr. rer. pole. attain a doctorate-attaining a doctorate 1982 it habilitierte with a scholarship of the German research council in the subject political economy and became private lecturer at the FB economic science of the FU Berlin. Starting from 1981 he worked as a lecturer to London School OF Economics and Political Science, until he became to appoint 1984 to the again furnished Professur for present-referred Orientforschung of the University of attaining Nuremberg.

Professor Dr. Dr. Ali Bahadir is its brother.

Honors and prices

"Doctoris Ingenieuris Honoris Causa" (Dr. engineer h.c.) by the technical university of Azerbaijan, Baku (1997).

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