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The Schweinchen black foot test (also: SF-test mentioned) is developed a projektives test procedure for the Psychodiagnostik of the child, by Dr. Louis Cormann. The test resembles that ACT (Themati Apperzeptionstest) or The Columbus and 1961 was for the first time published. The German version appeared 1977.Der blackbased consists of a test briefcase with 18 photo maps.

First the child the opening picture is shown. It is asked: "Who is To see a Eber (corresponds to the father) is, a sow (corresponds to the nut/mother), two white Schweinchen (brothers and sisters) as well as the hero of the test, Schweinchen black foot (SF) .SF experiences many adventures on the farm. The children can pick themselves out their favourite pictures and tell a history. Also with adults the test is applicable. Here is said, it concerns a history for children, who are to tell the adults.

Told history will become noted and it the pro gangs asked their favourite pictures in sequence to sort. Then the most unpopular pictures must be sorted. For identification one asks last. Thus: "Who you would like to be in the

The Clou of the test is now that in each picture conflict situations are represented. The special interest or also the defense opposite certain maps is diagnostically interesting.

and validity of the projektiven procedures are frequently insufficient. Nevertheless these "free" test procedures make possible interpret a view of unconscious thought processes careful.

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