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School schulverweigerung is a phenomenon with children and young people, which is described often also with school tiredness and "school tails ". In addition, Schulverweigerer parents are called, who do not send their children consciously to the school.

School schulverweigerung with children and young people

Schulverweigerer children and young people are called, not only as required, approximately with a lining up examination or examination the school "tails ", but during longer periods away instruction absence. The number of the Schulverweigerer is indicated for Germany as approximately 300,000.

The reasons for the school schulverweigerung are various. With basic pupils it can be the fear to leave the familiar parents' house. Often pupil refuses the school, in order to escape the stress by achievement pressure and school notes. Some pupils refuse the school in addition, from fear of the teachers or the schoolmates out.

A further reason for school schulverweigerung can be Unterforderung. Thus high-talented, children with a IQ over 130, become who got at first easily easily good censorship, Verweigerern from protest against the boredom. Typical signs for high gift are often misinterpreted by teachers and parents. Thus from the leaving notes by the Verweigerung, which can begin during instruction, it is concluded that for example a change is appropriate on a not so fastidious school form. Thus the Unterforderung is aggravated and the young person concerned withdraws themselves ever more into itself, developed frequently even stronger forms of the protest. This can lead also to psychosomatischen complaints.

Schulverweigerer often get themselves certificates of physicians or of their parents and divert thereby from the psychological causes of the school schulverweigerung. Psychologists and paedagogues concern themselves ever more frequently with trade conferences and in working groups of the ministries for education and cultural with the phenomenon of the school schulverweigerung. Beyond that there are different projects, a whose goal is it to make by a suitable learning surrounding field and an individual support Schulverweigerern a graduation possible.

Parents as Schulverweigerer

In Germany there are at present approximately 500 children in 200 families, which are not sent against the compulsory schooling by their parents to the school. Thus this phenomenon is in terms of figures less weighty than "school tails ", draws however some mediale attention on itself.

Usually strictly religious parents (see also: Fundamentalism) send their children not into the public school, but want them either at home to even inform or own Privatschulen create. If these spare schools are not nationally recognized, is in Germany of the compulsory schooling thereby are not sufficient done. The retreat from the rule school becomes among other things with instruction contents (for example Darwinismus or Sexualkunde, fairy tale as works of the devil, in addition, contents of the Religionsunterrichtes) or the instruction forms (for example koedukativer sport instruction) at the public schools justifies.

The national school administration stands before the dilemma to have to implement on the one hand the compulsory schooling not to want to fetch on the other hand the children with the police from its family.

In a current development (July/August 2005) courts in east Westphalia extracted to unite the custody from baptistischen parents concerning school interests. The families forestalled a possible demonstration of the children at school by the police after the end of summer holidays by the fact that they logged out and in Austria or Belgium again announced their children in Germany, where no compulsory schooling prevails, but only "to instruction obligation ".

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