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School regulations form a general code of practice for teachers and pupils individually for the school. It is issued by the school conference and is thus a set of rules from the consent the teacher, parents and school regulations must in particular the admission, whom ascent and/or the outlet of pupils at a school regulates, if this in addition for school law which is issued from the Land of the Federal Republic happens. Further school regulations have to specify, to which extent pupil instruction and pertinent activities is possible to visit to have and under which conditions an absence. Also the obligations of the educate-entitled are to be held in school regulations. Besides with school regulations is regulated, what pupils to carry out to have and which consequences from neglect to arise be able. In addition also corner points and conditions for the establishment and financing by pupil associations, working groups or school newspapers are specified.

Altogether school regulations serve the regulated operational sequence at school and represent both for pupils and teacher a direct redress, to that it also in practice easily can appoint itself.

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