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A school program is a document, which formulates the goals of a school. In several Lands of the Federal Republic, like for example Berlin, Hessen, North Rhine-Westphalia and Schleswig-Holstein all schools are obligated to develop a school program.

In the politico-educational discussion school programs are a means, a increased personal responsibility and larger organization clearance of the individual schools in more educationally, personnel, to fill financial and organizational regard with lives. The individual school is to describe their specific profile in its school program and to develop with the help of the school program its own identity, with which it can present itself also outward. In addition the school program is to be used with the regular evaluation of the school and be continual developed further in the course the same.

The school program is developed at the school and decided by the school conference. The participation of teachers, pupils and parents of the school in the development can be differently regulated thereby. The school program describes, how the school wants to fulfill its education and order for educating concretely. It knows statements about specific educational and technical emphasis, the organization of the school everyday life and the hour board, the employment of the financial means, which contain advanced training of the instructors and co-operation relations of the school. The school program can be so also a decision making aid for pupils with the school choice, however must be always analyzed, be agreed as far into the formulated goals with the reality.

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