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Sbrinz is a hard cheese from inside Switzerland. It is manufactured particularly in the cantons Luzern, Obwalden and Nidwalden according to traditional method in manual work in copper boilers. Except raw milk, lab and salt he does not contain further added. Since it is much drying and a high Salzgehalt has, it is very well durable.

In Germany Sbrinz is a little well-known and not everywhere available. Most Sbrinz becomes in Switzerland verzehrt. For centuries a large part of production is exported to north Italy; at present (2004) there is approximately 500 tons per year. The path of the over the and the Grimselpass was well-known under the name Sbrinzroute.

Sbrinz has a characteristic, very spicy-intensive cheese taste. Its consistency is waxlike fragile and somewhat crystalline due to the long duration of storage. Sbrinz should be old at least two, better three years, before he comes on the table. Five years of old Sbrinz taste still more pronounced, more strongly and spicier.

Sbrinz is an excellent friction cheese to noodle courts, particularly as alternative to Parmesan. Also as companions to bread and a strong, dry weisswein he is well suitable.

In order the year 2002 around looked for the marketing company of the a locality within the origin area, those ready would be in "Sbrinz" to be renamed. This project failed, because no locality was, which wanted to rename itself.

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