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Today the house world-well-known under sanatorium Purkersdorf among experts was established 1904-1905 by Josef Hoffmann, to an initial member of the Viennese Secession for the owners Victor Zuckerkandl (general manager of the schlesischen iron works Gleiwitz, acquired the area as "water mental hospital including Kurpark" 1903) at the city boundary to Vienna.

If one looks up in international architectural guides or also about art nouveau in art-historical encyclopedias, then it becomes fast clear that it acts here over one of the Hauptwerke both the architectural development, and in the work one of the most important architects of this time.

The furnishing, which made the building a synthesis of the arts, originated from the straight created Viennese workshop (Hoffmann was responsible involved also here) and would be today worth a fortune, however in the postwar years "disappeared".

1926 were made against the will Josef Hoffmann by architect Leopold farmer in consideration of the large space requirement a heightening, which impaired the original artistic conception crucially

After an external renovation 1995 and the re-establishment of the original appearance the building is now a The inside witnessed until recently from purge, was morbide window blind for culture celebrations and Paulus Mankers multi-theatre "Alma - to A Showbiz to the end".

2003 were reconditioned it also inside and find now as senior care residence use.

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