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Salvatore "Sammy "Gravano (* 12. March 1945 in Bensonhurst (Brooklyn)) is an US-American criminal.


Gravano alias "Sammy the bulletins "became to 12. March 1945 born in Bensonhurst (Brooklyn) as a son of Sicilian immigrants. Gravanos criminal career began, when he followed a local youth gang. Later it attached contacts for the Colombo clan of the mafia of New York town center and became there soon Associate (allied one); official member of the Cosa Nostra it became only 1977, whereby it occurred however the Gambino family under Paul Castellano.

Career in the construction industry

In its youth Gravano had possessed several Cocktailclubs and otherwise with break-down theft and robbery had pierced themselves. After its admission into the Gambino clan in the year 1977 it entered into the construction industry, which was controlled at that time in completely New York town center by the mafia, mainly over corrupt trade unions. In the year 1985 Gravano was accused and acquitted of tax evasion. He took part at the same time in the murder of Paul Castellano, and he ascended thereafter, when John Gotti actually tore power, to the Capo, led thus his own crew of written members of the Cosa Nostra.

Gravanos role during the Gotti process

Gravano zerstritt itself soon with the addicted Gotti, among other things, since the Boss demanded very high percentage shares of the income of its Untergebenen, among them also from Gravano, although this had become in the meantime Consigliere (advisor) and finally Unterboss. Finally the two end 1990 was arrested and accused of several heavy offenses. Gravano decided in the autumn 1991 to state against Gotti and he was shifted on the FBI training centre Quantico. During the process Gravanos statement contributed crucially to condemn Gotti and its Consigliere franc LoCascio to life imprisonment.

Gravanos relapse into the criminality

Some years after the Gotti process Gravano was released, and he began a new life under an alias and with the cover of a fair worker in Arizona. Soon however it took up contact to its old Kumpanen and began, with them and unites used a Ecstasy net Arizona to stretch over completely. It became so careless thereby that the Gambino family set a murder command on it, but scarcely before this achieved its goal, it was arrested 1999. In September 2001 he was condemned to twenty years detention. By these statements Sammy The bulletin became fallow the hochrangigsten Mafioso that the

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    • 1998 filmed Regieseur Thaddeus O'Sullivan, the gangster career of Gravano into the film The mobilization - the godfather of Manhattan.

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