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Salvatore "Riina (* 16 November 1930 in Corleone, Sicily, Italy) is an Italian criminal. It is one of the most well-known leaders of the Sicilian mafia.

Riina was looked for since beginning of the 1970er years by warrant of arrest, arrested however only 1993. At the latest for the 1980er years it was one of the three most powerful leaders of the mafia in Sicilies. It became also outside of Italy admits, because it was to have arranged 1992 the murders at Paolo Borsellino and Giovanni Falcone. Beyond that it should be responsible for approximately 1000 further murders, from which it is to have committed several dozen personally.

Although Riina applied over twenty years officially as "volatilely ", he probably lived the whole time in Sicilies and developed themselves a powerful position in the mafia. It is generally accepted that this was only possible, because he enjoyed due to bribery, interest entwinements and intimidation from the Sicilian government and at that time very influential Democrazia Cristiana Protektion. It could meet as can be prove in this time with the then most powerful politician of the party, Giulio Andreotti.

The fact that Riina was finally arrested nevertheless 1993 is attributed also to the circumstance that he caused large public pressure with the murders at the very popular Borsellino and Falcone on the politicians to proceed finally effectively against the mafia. In this connection also Giovanni Brusca was arrested, which was probably assigned by Riina to murder Falcone. Riina was also accused of in the murder in Salvatore Lima to have been involved.

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