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Salomon de la Broue (* around 1530, "† around 1610) was one of the most important riding teachers 16. Century. It is considered as a founder of the force school in the French Reiterei.

De la Broue is with Antoine de Pluvinel and Chevalier Saint Antoine of one of the three important pupils Giovanni Pignatellis from the neapolitanischen school. Together with Pluvinel it is considered as a founder of the French riding school. He was yard stable master Heinrichs IV. of France.

An example of the brutality of its teachwares it supplies with to 1593 in its book published "Cavalerie francaise", in which it describes, how it oppresses a horse going through because of an ulcer before pain, in order to make it It takes here even heaviest injuries of the horse, which lead to its mutilating, in purchase, in order to force the obedience.

Of de la Broue represented brute-force method was based on at the time at that time the generally held opinion that the animal was responsible for its actions as an intelligent nature and recalcitrance must be punished. This view prevented also the systematic structure of the riding teachings from the simple one to the heavy one, whereby horses were in most cases not trained, but were not by force broken.

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