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Page modified: Tuesday, July 12, 2011 22:56:51

By safety against falling one understands practices and devices, which serve for it, to be within crash-endangered ranges to move and work there.

In the building industry by safety against falling a construction unit is understood, which makes the safe movement on surfaces not lying to even earth for the user possible, for example a or a balcony balustrade.

At the fire-brigade the safety against falling is regulated by the fire-brigade regulation 1/2 and uses fire-brigade line, fire-brigade strap and/or the "equipment set safety against falling".

Safety against falling set

The safety against falling set (also equipment set safety against falling) is an aid for fire-brigade work in the crash-endangered range. Are recommended core-coat-hurry, different snap hooks, different volume loops, September loop, gloves, harness (consisting of seat and chest belt), edge protection and further aids from the range of the elevator rescue than contents, whereby also variants with a minimum equipment (complete belt, carbine, volume loops and core-coat-hurry) are in use (e.g. with the FFw Mannheim, for it its own group of elevator rescues maintains the BF Mannheim). Safety against falling sets are mostly transported on stroke rescue vehicles or delete's group vehicles in a sea-bag.

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