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are German agricultural workers, who left the agriculturally coined/shaped ostelbischen regions in the German empire, in order to find in the west better remunerated work.


In the empire a migration in Prussia von Ost was established after west of the (east west migration). The agricultural workers of the ruralen provinces East Prussia, west Prussia and floats left their region and found above all admission in the cultivation areas for sugar beets and in the better paid industrial sites, e.g. in Upper Silesia, Saxonia, in Berlin and particularly in the Ruhr district. In order to adjust those for empty becoming and cheaply remunerated working premises, the ostelbischen great land owners enlisted again Polish workers from Russia and Austria. Around the feared Polonisierung to advance toward Prussia developed a restrictive immigration policy. The address over Berlin of the entries was forbidden. The stay was forbidden to the migratory workers in the winter. As seasonal workers only unmarried men and Mrs., pregnant woman were certified were pushed away. In the middle and western provinces only the activity in the agriculture was permitted.

A further aggravation took place 1909 via the edition of the inland legitimacy obligation.

Also to k.u.k. Monarchy due city Auschwitz established a barrack camp for the which to 1916 the national socialists after the assault on Poland 1939 to the KZ Auschwitz I (base camp) removals. In July 1947 the former accommodations for became the memorial place for the inhumanities of the national socialism. The UNESCO ranks the KZ Auschwitz Birkenau since 1979 among the world cultural heritage.


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