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Keith Rupert Murdoch (* 11. March 1931 in Melbourne) is an Australian-US-American media entrepreneur, who acts internationally.


He is a son of Sir Keith Murdoch and Elizabeth Joy Greene. Its nut/mother, that originates from a Jewish family, educated Keith Rupert Murdoch Jewish, Rupert accepted however the Roman-catholic faith.

It visited the private Geelong college in Australia and studied afterwards at the Oxford university in England.

After the sudden death of its father 1952 he transferred the guidance to its medium company, which consisted of two newspapers in Adelaide and a Radiosender.

A phase of numerous assumptions, participation and reestablishments of newspaper and book publishing houses, radio and television stations, as well as Filmstudios, first in Australia, followed then in Great Britain and afterwards in the USA. Today it controls the world-wide largest medium group with its news corporation.

Rupert Murdoch is principal shareholder and leading executive committee of the news corporation. It concerns here a world-wide active medium company, which possesses numerous participation in film and television enterprises, newspaper and book publishing houses and even a baseball crew (Los Angeles Dodgers).

Most important parts of this Medienimperiums are among other things Hollywood film the Studio 20th Century Fox and the US-American TV-network Fox Television, which the Australian Murdoch could bring 1986 only after successful effort for the US nationality into being. it seized 1989 with the establishment of Sky Television foot in the European medium market. In Asia it is present with STAR TV, which profits from more than 100 million Zusehern daily.

According to critics Rupert Murdoch uses it belonging media for the spreading of strictly conservative world view samples (in Great Britain its media support however openly the course of the government Blair). Among other things it is accused to him that Fox TV and about 175 newspapers of the news corporation in the apron of the Iraq war would have taken a eurosceptical and anti-French basic attitude.

Its newspapers "The Sun "and "news OF the World "in Great Britain are for a open-anti-European and in particular also anti-German attitude admit (German Bashing).

Fox TV again and again Patriotismus and one-sided covered by critics accused in favor of the government Bush.

Recently Murdoch expressed in an interview that he do not remember to set itself to the peace.

Murdoch began to believe only late in on-line business and belongs now in the high age to its largest Protagonisten. In the year 2005 Murdoch bought. In a speech to 13. To March 2006 in the Londoner Stationers resound found it amazing words over the future of the media: "Power is moving away from the old elite OF our industry - the of editor, the chief executives and, let"´s face it, the proprietors."


Keith Rupert Murdoch is time married to third. Its first marriage was received it with Patricia Booker (1956-1960), with which it has a daughter named Prudence. From the second marriage with Anna Torv (1967-1999) followed three children: Elizabeth, James and Lachlan. Its third marriage was received it with Wendi Deng 1999. With their Murdoch has so far two children: Grace Helen and Chloe.

Newspapers (excerpt)


  • The Australian
  • The Weekend Australian
  • The kind of main header Mercury
  • The Northern Territory news (Darwin, Australia)
  • The DAILY telegraph (Sydney)
  • The Sunday telegraph
  • Sportsman
  • Herald Sun
  • Sunday Herald Sun
  • The Herald and Weekly Time Ltd.
  • The Courier Mail (Brisbane)
  • The Sunday Mail (Brisbane)
  • The gold Coast bulletin
  • Adelaide Advertiser
  • Cumberland new PAPER Group (20 titles in Sydney)
    • Parramatta Advertiser
    • Blacktown Advocate
    • Canterbury express
    • Fairfield Advance
    • Hornsby Advocate
    • Macarthur Chronicle
    • North shore of Time
    • Inside west Weekly
    • Mosman DAILY one
    • The Glebe
    • Mt Druitt standard
    • Hills Shire Time
    • Express Advocate
    • Northern District Time
    • Liverpool Leader
    • Lake Macguire news
    • Penrith press
  • Leader new PAPER Group (30 titles in Melbourne)
  • Cairns post office Group (42%)
  • North Queensland new PAPER Group
  • Townsville bulletin
  • Quest Community new PAPER (17 titles in the region Brisbane)
  • Sunday Territorian
  • Centralian Advocate
  • The Suburban
  • The Sunday Tasmanian
  • Tasmanian Country
  • Treasure Islander
  • Derwent Valley Gazette (Tasmania)
  • Sunday Mail
  • More measuringclosely press Group
  • Sunday Time (Perth)

Great Britain

  • The Time,
  • News OF the World
  • The Sun


  • The New York post office

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