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Dr. Rudolf Stemberger (* , "† 13. March 1964) was full professor for management economics at the University of Innsbruck.


Its diploma put Stemberger down 1923 at the export academy Vienna. Its thesis wrote it 1932 with the title economics and mathematics, which late lives urban in excerpts in the magazine - sheets for organic society and economics one published. After its graduation he was first in different enterprises actively before he itself again the academic work zuwand and in Austria in professional schools and - akadmien was active. 1945 he became a director of the federal commercial academy Bregenz and 1952 national school inspector for the commercial training system Tirol, Vorarlberg and Salzburg. 1945 it training representatives of the Leopold Franzen university Innsbruck and held was appointed lectures as general management economics, handels and tax balance as well as operational Rechnungswesen.1949 habilitierte it in Innsbruck with the economical value problem in the tax balance and 1955 as the tidy professor at the again furnished chair for management economics. 1962 he became full professor.


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