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The tractor and equipment support RS09 also as GT122 or GT124, of its drivers affectionately "Mulli " or "Mull" admits mentioned, became the worthy successor of the ingenious konzeptionierten, altogether however still quite trouble-prone RS08 and one of the usually-built tractors of the GDR and the Eastern Bloc altogether. It became from 1955 to 1964, in small series also some years in addition first in the VEB tractor work and later in the VEB building of agricultural machineries waste dump life in the GDR manufactured.

There was it in two basic remarks, who RS09 designated, as RS09/122 (two-cylinders) as well as as GT124, RS09/124 (four-cylinders called). The first RS09 contained an air-cooled two-cylinder petrol engine (gasoline) or a not completely legally manufactured likewise air-cooled two-cylinder diesel engine of the Austrian company Warchalowski, who became later after licensed. Starting from 1962 now in the VEB the building of agricultural machineries waste dump life further-built, GT124 received RS09/124 mentioned, to the so-called "Cunewalder" manufactured developed in the VEB engine work Cunewalde and, an air-cooled four-cylinder diesel engine. A further structural change was the additional fall cab, which should prevent the feared rolling over of the RS09 when tilting.

The equipment supports of the type RS09 were the machine most important with distance in the LPG and VEG of the GDR, even the architecture of the stable buildings to track width, height and turning circle of this machine were adapted. Also today few are still not in the use due to the durable execution, the maintenance poverty and the ingenious employment variety.

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