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Sir Roy Forbes Harrod (* 1900 in Norfolk; "† 1978) were an English economist.

Roy Harrod developed at the same time, but independently of Evsey D. Domar, an economic model to the growth theory. This is called therefore Harrod Domar model. Harrod completed its study at the new college in Oxford. Afterwards it spent some time at the King's college in Cambridge, where it learned John May pool of broadcasting corporations Keynes to know. It returned however to Oxford and became a director at a church college. Since the time in Cambridge Harrod and Keynes were closely friendly and Harrods became the official bio count Keynes. Assar Lindbeck, the former chairman of the Nobelpreis committee, said once that Roy Harrod would have received the Nobelpreis, if he had longer lived.

Work (selection)

  • "International economics "
  • "The life OF John May pool of broadcasting corporations Keynes ", London (1963 or 1966)
  • "At essay in dynamic Theory ", in Economic journal, volume. 49, P. 14-33, (1939)
    • "German translation: An essay to the dynamic theory ", in king, H. (Hrsg), growth and development of the economy, P. 35-54, Cologne (1968)
  • "Towards A dynamic Economics: Some Recent development OF economic theory and their Application ton policy ", London (1942)

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