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The round course Ruhr district is a 350 kilometer long wheel remote way around the Ruhr district. It runs in the south approximately 120 km at the Ruhr along, from sword to the delta into the Rhine, mostly in range of vision to the river. In the west it leads the Rhine from Duisburg along approximately 30 km northward to Wesel. From there it orients itself 150 km eastward at the northern border of the Ruhr district.

The round course Ruhr district belongs to the project route of the industrial culture of the regional association Ruhr (RVR). The RVR would like to make the attractions for tourists accessible by a close net at wheel routes. Heart of this net forms beside the round course Ruhr district for that Em park cycle track, which encloses about 230 km.

The distance process

The round course Ruhr district runs from the east to the west and then in the clockwise direction:

Swords - stove corner - weather - Witten - Hattingen - - chaining TIG - at the Ruhr - Duisburg - Walsum - Voerde - Wesel - - Dorsten - holding - Datteln - Waltrop - - Werne - mountain-came - Hamm - Unna


The round course Ruhr district is uniformly out-described. The symbol of the Ruhr district is used not only on small, about 20 cm large rectangular describing, but partly also on strassenschildern.

Despite good Ausschilderung map material is appropriate when driving on the distance, because either describe closed up or are pleased the Vandalismus to the victim. Partial ones, straight in the northern distance section along the Wesel Datteln channel the sign-posting was arranged incomplete.

Since the routistic attractions are to be included in the net, sometimes abbreviations of up to 20 km are possible, which can save some "leidige kilometers".

Often the round course Ruhr district crosses other wheel remote ways or gathers with them, at which one can orient oneself additionally. So for example the emperor route is to be found in the southern part along the Ruhr, which pulls itself from Aachen to Paderborn.


The round course Ruhr district possesses hardly upward gradients, it leads mostly at waters along and has therefore throughout even condition. Only in the northeast part, around mountain-come and Unna there are some smaller collections. Generally the entire distance is in good condition, mostly with asphalted surface, partly with fine crushed stone or paving-stones.

Objects of interest

Nearly the entire route leads by naturenear area and some protected areas. Since the distance leads in the middle by the Ruhr district, many certifications of the industrial culture are out-described directly at the edge of way to see and with Hinweistafeln, on which historical events and their connections are described.

Apart from 25 main attractions ("points of anchor so mentioned"), there are to six technique and socialhistorically meaning museums, nine lookout points with panorama view in the industrial landscape and twelve workers' housing estates, which can be visited. To remain unmentioned three visitor centers should not, in which information about the round course Ruhr district is obtained.

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Infrastructure for Radwanderer

The region Ruhr district belongs to the most closely settled areas in Germany. According to highly is the density of the infrastructural mechanisms, like for example hotels, youth hostels and camping sites. Often business also in distance proximity, which makes the purchase possible of food, is.

Large parts of the bicycle route are used at the same time as wheel and sidewalks, so that one is only rare "completely alone" on the way.

Along the distance the RVR wheel stations developed, in which district wheels can be repaired be rented and own bicycles.

To reach itself all distance parts also with public suburban traffic means. Therefore it is at any time possible to bridge parts of the distance.


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