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RosAeroSystems Russian Aeronautical of system, Ltd.) was created 1997 as subsidiary of the AUGUR Aeronautical Centre. It concerns itself with the lighter when air technology and has a design engineering department, a covering manufacturing and extensive testing facilities.

The enterprise

The company can fall back due to its origin to the realizations and technical and intellectual resources of Russian aviation and defense industry on national and international area. Among the partners rank among other things:

  • Lavochkin design engineering department
  • Babakin space Centre
  • Moscow national Luftfahrtinstitut
  • Central aero-hydrodynamic Institut (ZAGI)

The enterprise sets thereby on a domestic market, on which need insists for airships and aero acts particularly in north Russia and Siberia. RosAeroSystem supplies however also with increasing paragraph numbers to all world. For the international selling 2002 in the USA the Tochterfinma RosAeroSystems international, Ltd. were created.

A goal of the enterprise strategy is the structure of an efficient airship industry, which is able, to compile and accomplish large airship and aero act projects. The strategy plans in addition a gradual development of the experiences, improvement of the technology and the development of new mechanisms, before with the construction and the building of large transportation airships can be begun. The first steps are among other things the building of a 2-sitziges of airship, afterwards a 3-Tonnen airship is planned.

At present (2005) coverings up to 50.000 cubic meters can be manufactured. The individual parts are cut to company-owned computer-controlled cutting machines and welded afterwards. The covering materials are bought on the international market. A covering was manufactured for example for the French Luftschifforojekt volume iris 900.


built airships

  • AV-1R two-seat hot-air airship
  • Au-11 single-seat percussion airship
  • Au-12m two-seat percussion airship
  • electrical remote controlled airships
    • RD-1,5 with 9 cubic meters (within buildings)
    • RD-2 with 17 cubic meters (in and outside of buildings)
    • RD 2.5 with 24 cubic meters (preferably outside of buildings)

Airship projects

  • Au-30 patrol airship with etw 5000 m (percussion airship)
  • DPD-5000 long-distance monitoring airship with 50.000 m (keel Kiel)
  • MD-900 transportation airship with container alternating system and approximately 9000m (semirigidly)

Balloons/would aero-do

  • "Aero elevator" Fesselballon as prospect platform e.g. for tourists similarly the HiFlyer
  • Au-17 (440 m *Au-27 "Luchs" (450 m chain balloons e.g. aerial photograph photographs, communication, monitoring
  • AU-21 "Puma" radar air surveillance aero act
  • DAG-2M Fesselballon to the training of parachute jumps
  • Balloon after customer's requests

See also

  • Russian airship travel
  • Wikipedia: WikiProjekt Russian aviation

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