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Ron summer (* 29. July 1949 in Haifa as Aaron Lebowitsch) be a manager.


Ron summer was born in Israel, Haifa, as a son of a Russian and a German. Grown up in Vienna, he studied mathematics at the Viennese university and attained a doctorate 1971 with the title of "limit theorems over the entropy of pay-theoretical transformations" with 21 years to the Dr. phil.1973 went to summer with 24 years to the "Q1 Corp. ", a small computer enterprise, to New York, which was taken over 1974 by the German NIXDORF COMPUTER AG. After short intermediate stop in Germany it became 1977 for two years boss of the Nixdorfer address in Paris, later led it the range overseas 1980 changed it the Japanese Sony company, where it transferred 10 years later the chief armchair to the USA and 1993 the European presidency. 1995 he became chairman of the board of the German Telekom. 2002 withdrew summers from its post. As reason a disturbed bond of trust was indicated to the supervisory board. The Federal Government had pushed summers to the resignation.

Afterwards summer for the private Investmentunternehmen "The Blackstone Group of LP" was active. In July 2004 it became admits that summer became to appoint into the supervisory board of Motorola.

Ron summer is married and is father of two children. It is considered as an autofan and is interested in art.


1998 became summer Sprachpan language German of the association erkoren.

1999 followed the Cicero speaker price.


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